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Regional Fire Deployment Study

Regional Fire Deployment for San Diego County a Success


San Diego Firefighters

Watch Video Presentation (Click Here)

Watch Stewart Gary's complete presentation to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Once the video launches, select Agenda Item 1 "ACCEPT THE DEPLOYMENT STUDY" from the Jump To drop-down menu on the left to jump directly to Citygate's presentation.
(This video requires Windows Media Player and is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Download Windows Media Player free.)

Presentation highlights include:

  • Minute 07:35 (County Supervisor, Dianne Jacob)
  • Minute 09:10 (Chief Administrative Officer, Walter Ekard)
  • Minute 38:16 (County Supervisor, Dianne Jacob)
  • Minute 52:38 (County Supervisor, Ron Roberts)
Stewart Gary

Listen to Local Radio Interview (Click Here)

Listen to Stewart Gary's complete interview with Maureen Cavanaugh (host) on KPBS, a public radio station in San Diego. Stewart is joined on the interview by August Ghio, the San Miguel Fire Chief and President of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association.

The interview addresses Citygate's Regional Fire Services Deployment Assessment, different challenges facing fire services in the San Diego area, and responses to questions from callers.

Note: Press the round "Play" button on the top left of the page to start listening.

San Diego Fire Truck

View Study Report Documents

View Citygate's Final Report in two volumes. Volume 1 is the Regional Fire Services Deployment Assessment Report and Volume 2 is the Map Atlas.

Study Summary: Citygate was hired to implement a phased process designed to establish a blueprint for improving San Diego County’s regional fire protection and emergency medical system. The study addressed current levels of service, identified future needs, provided options for a regional governance structure and developed cost feasible proposals to improve the region’s ability to respond to natural or manmade disasters, bolster day-to-day operations for local agencies, and enhance the delivery of fire and emergency medical services in San Diego County.

San Diego Rural Read Local News Articles

May 19, 2010
REGION: Supervisors call for plan to improve fire protection
"About the time peak wildfire season arrives this fall, San Diego County supervisors will get a report that outlines ways to improve regional fire safety.The supervisors on Wednesday directed county staffers to develop a plan to institute recommendations included in a more than 200-page regional fire services study conducted by a consulting firm."...read more

May 20, 2010
Fire study endorsed by county
"County supervisors voted unanimously Wednesday to adopt a study that calls for building 14 fire stations throughout the region to reduce coverage gaps. But it’s unlikely that any stations will materialize soon because of budget constraints."...read more




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